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Lumalight Color Harmonics

60 min/ 85.00
package of 3 sessions / 225.00
Balance the emotional and physical body with color along the meridians to deepen relaxation while releasing stagnant energy and blockages to awaken your own innate healing abilities to flourish.



Color is all around us; it influences our thoughts, actions, and moods. The colors in the clothes we wear, the food we eat and our perceptions of the colors in everything around us influence the health and wellness of our mind, body and spirit.Color therapy is a highly efficient means of transferring energy to the physical body. Every color has its own frequency of energy waves that affects us on different levels. Lumalight Color Harmonics provides non-invasive light/color to the Aura (energy field) of the body to permeate areas that are energetically deficient.

Color has a profound effect on us at all levels - physical, mental and emotional. When energy levels are blocked or depleted the body cannot optimally function, subsequently leaving us vulnerable to illness. Lumalight Color Harmonics targets stagnant and blocked energy to support and balance the health of the mind, body and spirit to strengthen our own innate healing abilities to take place.

-Wear loose, comfortable clothing