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Mindful Diaphragmatic Breathing

60 min / 85.00
mindful.jpgDevelop breathing skills you can access anywhere to quiet the mind, ease physical constraints and open to a sense of inner peace through the practice of mindful diaphragmatic breathing.


Scientific studies demonstrate the power of the mind-­body connection in our quest for health and wellness. The studies also show optimal health cannot be experienced unless the wellness of the mind, body and spirit are in balance. Awareness and care must be taken in balancing the health of the mind, body and spirit simultaneously or illness will present in the area that is not being nurtured.

Mindful Diaphragmatic Breathing is the most efficient method to simultaneously balance and strengthen the health of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Mindfulness: involves the emotions/thoughts originating in the mind.
  • Diaphragmatic: involves the physical process of oxygenation of the body.
  • Breathing (Latin for spirit) involves the flow of our energy, our spirit.

The individual components of mindful diaphragmatic breathing are vital wellness tools and collectively demonstrate significant contributions to health and wellness. Bringing the three aspects of mindful diaphragmatic breathing together demonstrates its collective energy magnifies physiological changes in the mind, body and spirit. This physiological synergy is instrumental in simultaneously nurturing the mind, body and spirit fueling our own innate abilities to balance and heal.

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-Wear loose, comfortable clothing

-­Group sessions available. Contact us for more information.