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 60 min/ 85.00
package of 3 sessions / 225.00
Relax into a deep state of tranquility while your physical and emotional energy is restored to balance and harmony allowing for healing to flow freely within the body. Distance healing sessions available.            


Reiki is a deeply relaxing and revitalizing therapy that stimulates the endocrine system and human energy field to allow for our body's natural healing abilities to flourish. Scientific studies have demonstrated regular Reiki treatments can help manage symptoms of chronic illness, improve immune response and speed the healing process. Studies also show our bodies experience a one hour Reiki session as equal to 3-4 hours of deep sleep.


Reiki embraces the Aura, our subtle energetic field that looks like a halo or colorful bubble that surrounds the body. The Aura helps to protect us from the negative energies around us. When the aura is bogged with excess negative energy stress levels are increased and energy is zapped. Clearing and balancing excess or low energies in addition to removing the energies we absorb from others allows our life force healing energy to flow freely. 

Reiki also embraces the Chakras, our energy centers located on the midline of the body. Unwanted negative energy, thoughts, and emotions slow and eventually block the spiraling flow of energy within the chakras. These blocks leave us vulnerable to illness reflected within our emotional and physical systems. Balancing the energy within the Chakras can bring a sense of clarity and grounding to the mind, body and spirit so our healing life force energy can flow freely.

Regular Reiki sessions provide a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, peace and subsequent insight from balancing emotional and physical constraints. 

-Wear loose, comfortable clothing