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In just a few enjoyable, relaxing and edifying visits, Eileen helped me tremendously. Her knowledge and sensitivity worked together to address physical and emotional issues I was experiencing, during a difficult transition in my life. With warmth and generosity of spirit, she sensed what I needed and provided great insights. She not only opened my chakras, but got me to open my mind a little, as well! Eileen is an earth angel—born to do this work.-Judy

I had a great experience with Eileen! I went to her with breathing problems and pain in my back and hip. After three Reiki sessions I can hardly believe the improvement. I can now work out and have no problem sitting for long periods of time. She showed me a variety of breathing techniques to use when stressed and it’s been working well for me. I look forward to continue working with her in improving my health.

The services I received from Eileen were unique to any other holistic treatment I’ve received. I find Eileen to be very knowledgeable in her field. She taught me breathing techniques to ease a restless syndrome. Her compassionate ways in treating my specific issues has brought me a feeling of inner peace. -Nancy

My experience on the Bio-mat has made a difference in relieving the stiffness in my back and legs. While I didn’t try the bio-mat specifically for stress reduction it was undeniable how relaxed I felt after the session. Eileen’s professional and approachable manner was instrumental in allowing me to relax. -Patrick

Several years ago I had the privilege to work alongside Eileen and create "Sensible Fitness" a fitness and wellness program for active senior adults and those dealing with Dementia/ Alzheimers. It's clear Eileen understands the pressures of our modern day lives and the importance of incorporating therapies to reduce stress and improve our health, moods and energy. I look forward to learning more from Eileen and bringing a better balance of physical, mental and emotional balance to my life and my family. -Suzanne

"Eileen's compassion is felt the minute you arrive. Her expertise helps in defining the areas of your concerns, your physical and your emotional needs. She is able to focus on the areas that assist in relieving stress while putting your mind at ease. Light, vibration and herbal scents used aid in the relaxation and healing process. The session slowly sent me in to a state of total relaxation! " -Kathy

"Working with Eileen was a multi-sensory experience in healing and wellness. I loved the Bio-Mat with the integration of music, color and energy to bring balance to my body. After my sessions I felt calm and relaxed physically and emotionally. Eileen is kind and caring and made me feel comfortable. It was an amazing experience!" -Sue

My experience with Eileen and her unique holistic therapies has been a blessing for helping me ease the burden of living with depression and anxiety. Her professional demeanor goes above and beyond any wellness professional I have ever encountered. -Dana

In just one Reiki treatment the pain in my ankle is gone! Thank you, thank you Eileen! -Samantha